The popular, energy-packed Fintech’s Pitch LIVE in association with Mastercard is back for 2024.

This is an opportunity for emerging fintechs to be recognised for revolutionising how people move, manage and spend their money, or help safeguard the ecosystem through Regtech. Judged by an international panel of experts from the investment community and leading banks we invite fintech companies to showcase their most innovative new technology or service in the payments sector.

Our Finalists 2024


August is your all-in-one rental app designed for both landlords and tenants.
Managing rental properties is hard. Conversations with tenants get split across voicemails, emails and messages;rent payments are difficult to track;background checks are slow, maintenance is a hassle and rental contracts are a minefield. Most landlords don’t work in the property industry, so why, with its antiquated and inaccessible systems, does it treat them like they do?

August makes managing rental properties easy. We reduce the workload by connecting landlords and tenants in ONE single app, making it the only solution small landlords need to manage their rental property. By providing all the tools needed in a single app, we empower small landlords to easily track their income, communicate better with tenants, safely store important documents, and fix property repairs quicker.

At our best, we don’t just help with rental property admin;we create stronger landlord-tenant relationships, which lead to happier tenants and longer, more profitable tenancies for landlords.


DataWhisper is a cutting-edge AI platform enabling safe and responsible adoption of Generative AI, within highly regulated sectors.
Our primary focus is on banking and financial services.


Due to regulatory compliance and ethics, organizations in highly regulated sectors encounter significant challenges when implementing Generative AI for data.

A good illustration of the problem is the survey from O’Reilly from the end of 2023, which identified that the second biggest reason making companies hold back in the adoption of Gen AI is legal concerns, risks, or compliance issues.

The Solution

DataWhisper enables the safe adoption of Generative AI for highly regulated organizations. The platform allows real-time monitoring, risk management, and regulatory & policy enforcement.

We seamlessly integrate regulatory and compliance within LLMs, effectively mitigating security and compliance risks while ensuring the highest ethical and safety standards while running these models and platforms.


We have a diverse and robust founding and co-founding team with extensive experience in technology and business within the Financial Services industry and Fintech.


We have already achieved notable traction,
we secured a customer pilot with a projected annual revenue of £150k, and we are on track to deliver the first customer Pilot.

We partnered with Microsoft via Microsoft Startup Founders Hub and secured $200k in support and £120 in resources from Deploflow.
We have partnerships with Barclays Eagle Labs and Innovate UK EDGE.


Automated reconciliations, streamlined payment data and financial reporting for high transaction businesses.

We help businesses see the invisible.


  • Gain control and visibility over 100% of financial entries associated with a transaction,including sales, chargebacks,refunds, fees and more.
  • Calculate month end balances, amounts owed and cash in transit



  • Reconcile from order-to-cash across internal systems, multiple payment providers and bank accounts.
  • Identify reconciliation breaks and the break reason to highlight gaps and minimise risk.



  • Single source for all payment data.
  • Audit history showing all updates, reconciliations and actions applied to a transaction throughout its lifecycle.
  • Multi-factor authentication as standard for user access.

Good With

Good With is a science-based, personalised money and mental health AI-driven app, leveraging Open Banking and behavioural data to build financial capability and creditworthiness to help financial services understand the risk that young adults, and/or ‘credit invisibles’ represent, in order to lend more responsibly and fairly.

Our risk model, Readiness Scoreâ„¢, based on objective and subjective measures of financial capability, is able to identify future prime customers (~16% of our sample), and individuals who are most likely to default or experience problem debt in future (~20%).

Our FinIQTM (Financial Psychoeducation Pathways) is designed to address limited access to affordable financial education and operates on the assumption that financially-focused psychoeducation improves financial awareness, reduces financial anxiety and improves financial wellbeing and capability, critical for improving financial capability. Our research shows that our FinIQTM leads to improvements in users’ financial attitudes and behaviours, most pronounced in financially vulnerable groups.

This is the unmet opportunity that GW is well-positioned to service.

Hands In

Hands In offers Innovative Split Payment Solutions across multiple cards and individuals addressing cart abandonment and decline rates during the checkout process. Proudly serving clients in the travel and hospitality sector, we actively contribute to the payment ecosystem through strategic partnerships with notable gateways, acquirers and payment orchestration platforms.

Our solution not only helps merchants to tackle payment and cart abandonment issues during checkout, but also, serves a smooth payment service for customers with low credit card values, and who have difficulty in making group bookings online.

Founded in 2022, and headquartered in London, Hands In achieved significant milestones within 18 months, securing a $500K funding round with backing from former and current leaders at leading payment organisations such as Go Cardless, WorldPay and Elavon.

Recognised for innovation, Hands In’s innovative technology has received awards for Startup Innovation of the Year at the Merchant Payment Ecosystem, TTG30U30 and finalists for Travel Evolution Startup of the Year all in 2023

Hands In works with leading airlines such as Air Europa and prominent payment orchestrators like Cell Point Digital, Yuno, BR-DGE, and INAI to provide their split payment solutions to their customer base, further enhancing our credibility and expanding our market reach.

Hands In is poised to revolutionise the payment landscape in the travel and hospitality sector with our innovative Split Payment Solutions and strategic partnerships. Our commitment to driving seamless transactions and enhancing customer experience positions us as a key player in the evolving payment ecosystem.


The problem
The KYP platform addresses the urgent market need for continuous monitoring and alerts of 3rd party companies providing actionable risk intelligence. Almost all risk solutions today focus on either on-boarding and/or transactional monitoring and don’t look at holistic risks affecting a business. What we mean by holistic risk is the complete picture of potential risk affecting the partners, merchants and suppliers the business has a relationship with.

Our solution
Our primary focus is on ongoing KYB (not KYC) perpetual monitoring, providing proactive alerts on merchants, partners and suppliers. We emphasise continuous monitoring rather than transaction monitoring. Our approach involves a comprehensive and holistic analysis of DarkWeb, Adverse Media, PEPs, Sanctions, Credit Scores, Cyber Risk, and Insolvency Checks.

KYP addresses the urgent market need for continuous monitoring and proactive alerts of 3rd party companies.

Many solutions available in the market solely focus on-boarding and transactional monitoring and not the on-going fraud and reputational risks.

At KYP we take a holistic (data orchestration) approach to Knowing Your Partner and mine a complete range of broad and trusted data sources (includes DarkWeb, Adverse Media, PEPs, Sanctions, Credit Scores, Cyber Risk & Insolvency Checks) with our unique Machine Learning and AI  intelligently connecting them in one platform resulting in connections other solutions are missing.

Platform Overview (3mins video)


OneStep Financial

OneStep’s mission is to solve the pressing corporate problem that small payouts are operationally complex, often disproportionately expensive and are rarely “instant” – with minimal opportunities to engage with the beneficiary. This particularly applies to payouts relating to incentives, rewards, claims and refunds where task verification and related data/document validation often require bespoke work prior to a transfer. Our PayEngage product solution aligns data and payments on one platform, streamlining back office processes and leveraging engagement tools to ensure maximum impact at minimal cost. PayEngage is a programmable ‘escrow’ account that delivers ‘more than payments’.

In addition: we see opportunities to focus on sustainability through streamlining back office processes and payouts relating to recycling and reuse incentives, leveraging our engagement features to stimulate client behaviours and to boost circular economy activities. The application of our programmable payments platform was also validated as part of a proof-of-concept project with BIS and the Bank of England where the focus was on instant CBDC payments to seasonal workers, upon completion of a specified task, split between agency and worker to reduce exploitation.


Product video:


We are Sibstar, a FinTech start up, supported by the UK’s leading dementia charity – Alzheimer’s Society and Mastercard. Sibstar is the first, debit card and app for families living with dementia.

What we spend our money on is a big part of who we are. The clothes we buy, the gifts we give, the hobbies and activities we take part in – all of this makes us who we are and doesn’t change because you have dementia. However, confusion around everyday money often increases for people with dementia making them financially vulnerable to losing money, giving it away and falling victim to scams.

So, we built Sibstar. An innovative way for these vulnerable adults who are at risk of financial exclusion to access and manage their everyday money whilst knowing it is safe.

Load the Sibstar debit card with your chosen amount of money then manage how and where that money can be used in the app. Sibstar’s functionality can be instantly and remotely adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Sibstar enables people living with dementia with the financial independence to safely spend their money for themselves, by themselves and continue living life the way they choose.

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