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‘Trust is hard earned and quickly lost’ – the intricacies of adopting digital ID

Ted Orme-Claye - March 22, 2024

Everything is going digital, and has been for some time. Ever since the UK switched over from analogue television, consumers are living in a constantly evolving digital world through innovative means.

Compliance Overload: Pay360 Dives Down Regulatory Rabbit Hole March 27, 2024

Global Finance talks with Tony Craddock, Director General of the Payments Association at the annual PAY360 Conference in London.

PAY360 Conference 2024: Payments’ next quantum leap

NatWest- April 26, 2024

From Open Banking to digital currencies, embedded finance and alternative payment methods, this year’s PAY360 conference, organised annually by the Payments Association, brought together over 3,500 of the most senior representatives from across the industry.

Pay360 review: Open Banking, Variable Recurring Payments wrangles and the impact on retailers

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 22, 2024

The Open Banking to open finance roadmap in the UK and its future impact on retailers, as new tools like Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) and new means of connectivity and data exchange proliferate, was debated at the Pay360 trade show in London this week by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), banks, and others.

Pay 360 conference @ ExCel London - 19th - 20th March 2024

WP Communications- March 21, 2024

WP Communications attended this year’s Pay 360 conference at the ExCel London. It was great to meet with the latest and greatest in the payments industry, check out our highlights video including interviews with FX Payments, Bfore.AI, Endava, NatWest and best-selling author and advisor to the UN, White House and the World Bank, Chris Skinner’s keynote on the launch of his new book, Intelligent Money.

Innovation vs. Regulation | FinTech Focus TV: Rory Tanner, Head of UK Government Affairs at Revolut

Harrington Starr- May 20, 2024

Rory discusses his dual role at Revolut, where he spearheads policy development and manages relationships with key stakeholders such as the UK government and regulators. This episode is packed with insights into the future of payments, the challenges of balancing innovation with regulation, and the strategic measures Revolut is adopting to combat fraud and enhance customer protection in the ever-evolving digital payment landscape.

What’s the Most Overused and Underused Buzzword? | FF News at Pay360

Fintech Finance News- March 22, 2024

It’s that time again: we’re asking conference attendees what they think the most overused AND underused buzzwords are.

We’re always on the pulse of industry discourse, and at the Pay360 conference in London, we posed the question again: What do you think the most overused buzzword is right now? The responses were mostly unsurprising.

‘One bill to rule them all’: John Penrose MP breaks down DPDI Bill’s payments significance

Ted Orme-Claye - March 21, 2024

The rest of the world is watching the rapid adoption of Open Banking in the UK ‘with envy’, John Penrose MP asserted to an audience at Pay360. However, the country risks being surpassed if certain actions aren’t taken.

In his keynote address kicking off the second day of the industry trade show, the Conservative Party legislator broke down the government’s Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill, and why this is so significant for the payments space.

Navigating the New EU AI Regulation | FFTV with Michael Borrelli, Director of AI & Partners

Harrington Starr - May 13, 2024

 Michael explores the profound impact of pioneering EU AI legislation on businesses within the EU market. He emphasises the essential need for businesses to conduct thorough risk classifications of their AI systems—mirroring ‘know your customer’ protocols—to ensure compliance. During the discussion, he introduced ‘Orthrus’, a workflow tool his team developed to streamline the AI system risk classification process. This innovation significantly cuts down the time and effort businesses need to meet regulatory standards, epitomising the cutting-edge solutions required to effectively manage the regulatory demands of AI systems.

Pay360: Consumer desires at the payment checkout and how to optimise that part of the shopping journey

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 22, 2024

The ‘right’ way to checkout and payment options were debated by Tui and in a keynote panel at the Pay360 trade show in London this week, alongside some research from PayPal showing what the consumer wants.

Payment security and fraud prevention take centre stage at this year’s Pay360 conference

Tyler Pathe- 21 March, 2024

The Pay360 conference, hosted by the Payments Association in collaboration with Mastercard, attracted sizeable numbers to the ExCel Centre in London, UK, this year to deliver a panoramic deep-dive into the most current payment trends emerging around the world.

Pay360 report: Subway and other merchants share their payments orchestration experiences

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 22, 2024

Merchants from Subway, Valero Energy, and Flutter International, an online betting and gaming firm that owns the PokerStars and Betfair brands, shared their experiences in using a payments orchestrator at the Pay360 trade show in London this week.

UK CBDC architects warned against creating ‘expensive infrastructure that no-one uses’

Ian Hall - March 21, 2024

Authorities designing a potential digital pound have been urged to avoid creating ‘expensive infrastructure that no-one uses’ if they launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Joe Garner: UK payments needs a North Star amid ‘replatforming of money’

Ted Orme-Claye - March 20, 2024

Transactions in the UK are ‘as good as it gets’, Joe Garner informed media and delegates at The Payment Association’s Pay360 conference this year.

Delivering the opening keynote speech at the ExCel Centre this week, the former Nationwide CEO and author of the Future of Payments Review shared his views on the direction the British payments and fintech space is taking. 

Watchdog tells Britain’s payments sector to brace itself for intervention

Huw Jones- 21 March, 2024

LONDON : Britain’s payments regulator said on Wednesday the sector faces “targeted intervention” to increase competition and remove barriers to innovation and “pockets of market power” that leave customers picking up the bill.

Financial regulators in Britain face pressure to make it easier for start-ups to enter sectors like payments, a magnet for fintechs, to boost economic growth.

Can the Future Really be Cashless, as Greggs & Sainsbury’s Unable to Take Card Payments


Money might be making a comeback. No actually. After years of pushing to a completely digital funds panorama that may in principle see a cashless financial system within the (fairly) close to future, it may all come tumbling down after a sequence of technical points that has seen main retailers unable to course of card or contactless funds and as soon as once more counting on notes and cash.

What Does Pay360 Do Differently? | FF News at Pay360

Fintech Finance News- March 20, 2024

FF News is back with more thoughts from conference floors

At this free to attend event, we bumped into some of the best in the biz to find out what sets Pay360 apart from the rest.

Taking place this week at the ExCel London, over 120 speakers and over 100 exhibitors from across the ecosystem gathered to talk all things payments.

PAY360 2024: Day 1 Highlights

The Fintech Times- March 20, 2024

It felt as if everyone and anyone in the world of fintech was at PAY360 2024 this year, as the event hosted over 4,000 attendees. Held at the ExCeL Centre in London, PAY360 opened the doors for countless opportunities for networking and discussion about the latest and brightest ideas in payments.

Sibstar named FinTech’s Pitch Winner at Pay360 for dementia focused debit card and app

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 22, 2024

Sibstar, a debit card and app for people living with dementia that has appeared on the Dragons Den TV show, has been unveiled as the winner of the FinTech’s Pitch Live 2024 competition, held this week at the Pay360 trade show in London. 

A generation game: Gen X, Y and Z payment preferences analysed at Pay360

Ted Orme-Claye - March 20, 2024

Demographic factors have taken on huge importance for customer facing industries, and these differences in consumer habits go a lot deeper than many would expect, including the checkout experience.

Vincent Belloc, Vice President and Managing Director of PayPal UK, explained the payments expectations Gen Z consumers have from modern businesses at the Pay360 conference this week.

Pay360 conference review - challenging times in payments need not hinder innovation or future path

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 19, 2024

The “troubled times” for payments due to “strong headwinds” from ecosystem and technology changes and a tight investment outlook were flagged up by Tony Craddock, Director General at The Payments Association (PA) on the opening day of the Pay360 trade show in London.

Best-selling author Chris Skinner unveils “Intelligent Money” at PAY360

Fintech Finance News- March 20, 2024

Today Chris Skinner, a world-renowned strategist specialising in the future of business, technology and finance and author of more than twenty best-selling titles announces the launch of his book, “Intelligent Money,” at this year’s PAY360.'s Vision for the Future of FinTech | FinTech Focus TV

Harrington Starr TV- May 6, 2024

In this special episode of FinTech Focus TV, host Ian welcomes the team at to the show at the Harrington Starr booth, PAY360 event, Excel London. Justin Hanna, Head of Direct Sales, Grant Evans, Head of Partnerships and George Boot, Demand Generation Manager explore the company’s unique approach to payment gateways and services, emphasising their robust UK-based technology stack and integrations. 

Pay360 report: Virgin Media O2 and others talk Open Banking use cases and driving merchant adoption

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 25, 2024​

Getting the merchant benefits of increased Open Banking and API usage was debated last week in London, at the Pay360 trade show, by Virgin Media O2, banks and FinTechs.

Pay360: Call for unity in the UK’s payments ecosystem

Josh Poyser - March 19, 2024​

Despite the success of the UK’s payments sector, a clear vision and more financial inclusion are needed

Beyond Transactions: Guavapay's Vision for Fintech | FFTV with Kamal Hasanov, Group CEO at Guavapay

Harrington Starr- April 29, 2024​

Explore the forefront of fintech innovation, live from the PAY360 event at London’s Excel Centre. In this episode, we dive into the evolving world of payments with Kamal Hasanov from Guavapay. Kamal shares Guavapay’s approach to creating seamless, multi-faceted payment solutions that cater to diverse client needs, from individuals to large enterprises. Discover the in-house technologies and strategic growth plans that differentiate Guavapay in a competitive market. Tune in for an insightful discussion on the future of financial transactions.

Pay360 conference review: Payments crystal ball gazing session identifies personalisation, AI and open APIs

Retail Technology Innovation Hub- March 25, 2024​

The future payment ecosystem in five years’ time and collaboration between its participants was debated by Swift, banks and FinTechs at the Pay360 trade show in London last week.

Pay360 book launch: Intelligent Money by Chris Skinner

Josh Poyser - March 20, 2024​

Money will become digital and artificially intelligent

Compliance Overload: Pay360 Dives Down Regulatory Rabbit Hole

Vixio - March 21, 2024​

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Navigating Digital Identity | FinTech Focus TV Stacey Wilkinson, API Growth Manager at NatWest Group

Harrington Starr TV- April 22, 2024

In this special episode, join host Ian Bailey and Stacey Wilkinson, API Growth Manager at NatWest Group, on FinTech Focus TV as they explore digital identity, recorded at The Harrington Starr booth at the PAY360 event, ExCeL London. Stacey unpacks the complexities of consumer trust from her recent panel discussion, highlighting NatWest’s innovative approach to identity verification through Open Banking APIs. Looking forward, Stacey discusses the potential for standardising bank-based verification methods to become a consumer norm.

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