Fintech's Pitch Live Winners

2024 Winner

Jayne Sibley, Founder and CEO, Sibstar

Sibstar is a highly secure debit card and mobile phone app for families affected by dementia. It is a practical solution to help and support people living with dementia to manage their everyday spending more safely.

2023 Winner

Fintech Live Winner 2023: FINCrime Dynamics

Kellyann Ripnar, COO and Co-Founder, FinCrime Dynamics

FinCrime Dynamics is aiming to help with the fight against financial crime by offering financial institutions a self-service software to generate synthetic data and simulate financial crime by testing, measuring, training and improving their compliance controls. Our technology allows financial institutions to unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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2022 Winner

Will Billingsly, Co-Founder and CCO, ApTap

Cancelling, switching or signing up takes hours when it should take seconds. ApTap improves user awareness and control; saving people time and money, while driving user engagement and revenue for financial services providers and merchants.

As co-founder and CCO Will leads on all things commercial and operations, as ApTap looks to use open data across banking and beyond to make bill management easy.

2021 Winners

Day One - Consumer


Will Smith, Co-founder of tred

Will has a deep understanding of using data to change behaviours both in the start-up and corporate world. He has reduced food waste at a UK supermarket by £26m, negotiated £250m government contracts and helped get healthy people out of hospital quicker. A GB triathlete and drummer! 

>>Watch Will’s pitch here

Day 2 - Merchant


Miguel Mateus, Co-founder of Izicap

Miguel helped to launch 4 different startups in 4 different countries (Portugal, Italy, Morocco and Brazil) as a Consultant and Izicap as an Entrepreneur that is already active in 3 countries and is expanding quickly. Izicap is the Card-linked CRM & Loyalty platform to help local merchants thrive! Read more

>>Watch Miguel’s pitch here

Day 3 - Enablers


Daniel Greiller, Chief Commercial Officer of Weavr

Daniel has a wealth of experience leading and scaling businesses in exciting and emerging industries – it was this appetite to be at the forefront of the Embedded Banking revolution that brought him to Weavr. Read more

>>Watch Daniel’s pitch here

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