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Day 1 – The Customer 


Registration & networking 


Plenary (Track A) 


Keynote: Building a world class industry, together  

  • Exploring the changing role of society’s money-movers  
  • What are the ingredients of a world class payments industry?  
  • The swings and roundabouts of payments around the world – what inspiration can be taken from a global perspective? 
  • What has been the impact of the UK’s Future of Payments Review? How has the community responded and what should be the next focus? 


Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association  



Ministerial keynote 

TBA, Senior Government Minister 



Headline sponsor 

Darren Deal, Senior Vice President – Fintech, Government & Digital Partnerships, UK&I, Mastercard 



Host bank partner 

TBA, Senior Representative, Lloyds Banking Group 



Keynote panel discussion: Driving a Tesla on cobbled road – what is the right way to checkout? 

  • How are partnerships driving choice, innovation and impacting the customer experience? 
  • Targeting Gen Z – how are brands adapting to a younger demographic? 
  • Is the noise in payments impacting new checkout innovations? 


Moderator: Flavia Alzetta, CEO, NED, Advisor 

Timo Rabb, Global e-commerce director, L’Oréal 

Vincent Belloc, Vice president and managing director, PayPal UK 

Alexei Jurascheck, Head of payments technology, Tui  



Morning networking break 


Choose your session 


Track A – Building an open future 

Lead stream sponsor – Visa 

Track B – Innovating customer journeys 

Lead stream sponsor – Thredd 

Deep dives 


Stream Keynote – PLACEHOLDER – Is the UK falling behind on open finance? 


  • How does development in the UK compare to other parts of the world? Is the UK falling behind?  
  • What can we learn from elsewhere? What case studies are emerging in other markets? 
  • How long will it take to move to real open data? 


TBA, Senior Representative, Visa 


Tags: Open Banking, Regulation  

Stream Keynote – Unlocking B2B payments success by leveraging B2C insights  


Jim McCarthy, EVP, Global Head of Product & Sales, Thredd 


Tags: Technology & Data, Merchant Payments 

Deep Dive – The potential of embedded finance 


  • BaaS vs embedded finance – what are the costs-benefits of each model? Where do they differ and where do they intersect? 
  • Cross-vertical possibilities – how will embedded finance evolve? 
  • How can embedded finance leverage Generative AI to deliver results? 



Ishtiaq Ahmed, Global Innovation Lead, Embedded Lending, HSBC 

Rema Rao, Head of Payments Compliance & Financial Products APAC, Uber 

Prajval Dsilva, Head of Special Projects, Allica Bank 

Wasim Mushtaq, COO, CFIT 


Tags: Open Banking, Merchant Payments, Technology & Data 


Panel – The open banking to open finance Roadmap. Have JROC made the right calls? 


  • What are the key implications of the JROC recommendations?  
  • Are the risk reliability and dispute management recommendations enough to improve the system? 
  • What should be the long-term vision for open finance, considering these regulations? 


Moderator: David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Hannah Regan, Financial Policy Lead, British Retail Consortium 

Andrew Self, Senior Policy Manager, Payment Systems Regulator 

Hayley Viner, Director of Payments, Zopa Bank 


Tags: Open Banking, Regulation 

Panel – From start to finish – Are we designing inclusive payments journeys?  

  • How does the design process need to change to promote access and decrease exclusion to financial products?  
  • Are we placing too much trust in infrastructure/regulation to solve inclusion issues?  
  • How can we ensure technology is an equaliser, not a barrier? 


Moderator: Mark O’Keefe, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Parvinder Dahri-Cooper, COO, Uber UK Payments 

Kamal Hasanov, CEO, Guavapay  


Tags: Financial Inclusion, ESG, Technology & Data 





Fireside – PLACEHOLDER – Making open banking work for the customer 


  • How do we drive open banking as a payment method choice on par with cards? 
  • What are the barriers to entry preventing customers from paying with open banking? 
  • Where are the untapped use cases in areas like lending/credit checks? 


Tags: Open Banking, Merchant Payments, Financial Inclusion 


Presentation – PLACEHOLDER – Big tech and the share of customer mind 


  • How much of the payment flow will big tech own within the next 5 years? 
  • Are wallets still the new battleground or are other developments taking over?  
  • How could the relationship between big tech and traditional payments players evolve? 
  • What role should Big Tech and global platforms play in preventing Authorised Push Payment Fraud? 


Tags: Open Banking, Technology & Data, Merchant Payments 

Deep Dive – Stablecoins and CBDCs – what will be their impact on the payments industry? 


  • What is next after the Bank of England consultation? 
  • What are the concerns about CBDCs and how are they being addressed? 
  • What will be the role of payments intermediaries in the CBDC world? 


Moderator: Nilixa Devlukia, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Geoff Goodell, Lecturer, University College London 

William Lovell, Head of Future Technology, Bank of England 

Lee McNabb, Head of Payments Strategy & Research, NatWest 


Tags: Digital Currencies & Crypto, Regulation, Technology & Data 


Panel – Driving merchant adoption of open banking   


  • What should the dispute process look like to help balance responsibility? 
  • How can open banking be optimised to increase acceptance rates and reduce acceptance costs for merchants? 
  • What does a successful implementation of open banking look like at a merchant level? 


Moderator: Helen Child, Founder, Open Banking Excellence 

Heather Xiao, Product Operations Director, Open Banking 

David Cox, Payments Strategy Lead, Virgin Media O2 

Mike Ellif, CEO, Payit by NatWest 

Tom Pope, SVP Payments, Tink 


Tags: Open Banking, Merchant Payments  

Panel – The right level of friction: balancing experience and safety 


  • How can businesses create the right level of friction, without impacting on customer experience? 
  • What does best practice look like for merchants in preventing fraud?  
  • What initiatives can your business implement to educate the consumer? 


Moderator: Mark McMurtrie, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Grant Shipway, Global Fraud Manager, Operational Risk & RFID, River Island 

TBA, Senior Representative, Mastercard 

Stephen Adams, Senior Fraud and Compliance Manager, 


Tags: Merchant Payments, Financial Crime, Financial Inclusion 


Fireside – The future of Non-Sweeping VRPS – How do we unlock their full potential? 


  • What are the current market challenges hindering adoption? 
  • What value has been found so far, including end-user customer benefit? 
  • What could be next for VRPs? Will they overtake direct debits?  


Kate Fitzgerald, Head of Policy, Payment Systems Regulator 


Tags: Open Banking 


Fireside – The Paralysis of choice: BNPL and the rise of the branded checkout 


  • How can payments become part of a holistic brand experience? 
  • What does the ‘closed loop’ experience look like for a merchant and is it the next trend in driving customer loyalty? 
  • Where are the successes so far?  



Moderator: Jonathan Tyce, Director of Research and Investment, AlphaOne Solutions 


Tags: Merchant Payments, Technology & Data 


Afternoon Networking Break 


Fireside – PLACEHOLDER – Beyond compliance – Taking ISO 20022 to the next level 


  • How can organisations harness the potential in ISO20022 rather than just meeting the bare minimum? 
  • What has been achieved so far, and what were the outcomes – positive and negative? 
  • Should we use a carrot or stick to ensure adoption?  
  • What are the implications for cross-border payments? 


Tags: Regulation, Technology & Data 

Fireside – Optimising the digital customer journey: What is really moving the dial?  


  • Where does payments fit in with the customer journey? What inspiration can the payments industry take from other sectors?  
  • How can design principles be used to improve the customer journey? 
  • What does truly inclusive design look like? How can we ensure digital access? 


Ed Kilbane, Head of Merchant Experience, Trust Payments  


Tags: Merchant Payments, Financial Inclusion 

Deep Dive – ESG 101: Benchmarking and best practice 


  • The importance of differentiating ‘What you do’ vs ‘How you do it’  
  • Toolkits and best practice  


Matt Bullivant, Director of ESG, OakNorth 


Tags: ESG, Financial Inclusion, Regulation 


Panel – Digital identity: who should own Customer trust? 


  • Who do customers trust with their data and why? Who is already the custodian of their data and how much? 
  •  Who should be trusted to own this data and what role should regulation play?  
  • What opportunities would digital identity open for combatting challenges like fraud, and creating opportunities for seamless experiences? 
  • How can lessons across Europe accelerate the global adoption of a customer-centric approach to identity? 


Phillip Mind, Director, Digital Technology & Innovation, UK Finance 

Stacey Wilkinson, API Growth Manager, Bank of APIs (NatWest) 


Tags: Technology & Data, Open Banking, Financial Crime, Regulation, Digital Currencies & Crypto 

Panel – Empowering merchants through payments orchestration 


  • Can one partner really do it all? What are merchants looking for in offerings from vendors? 
  • What are the costs-benefits vs other models? How can payments orchestration increase resilience and acceptance rates? 
  • How can these tools help drive experiences in loyalty, reward, engagement? 


Moderator: Andrew Doukanaris, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Mike Farrell, Head of Global Payments, Subway 

Phil O’Hagen, Head of Product, Pay & Fraud, Sainsbury’s  


Tags: Merchant Payments 


Day End 


Day 2 – The Business 


Registration & networking 


Plenary (Track A) 


Welcome remarks  


TBA, Senior Representative, The Payments Association  



Ministerial keynote 


TBA, Senior Government Minister 



Panel – A glimpse into the payments crystal ball  


  • Who will be the winners and losers in the future payments ecosystem? 
  • How are partnerships and collaborations between banks and fintechs evolving? 


Moderator: Teresa Connors, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Jenni Himberg-Wild, Managing Director, Head of Financial Institutions & Fintech Europe, International Corporate Banking (CIB), Barclays 

Saira Khan, Head of Innovation & Partnerships, First Direct Bank 

Nasir Ahmed, Head of SWIFT UK & Ireland, SWIFT 

Mark Brant, Chief Payments Officer, NatWest Group 



Keynote – The PSR’s priorities in 2024 and beyond 


Chris Hemsley, Managing director, Payment Systems Regulator 




The Fintech’s Pitch Live Winner Announcement  



Panel – Payments’ next giant leap – How is policy keeping pace in a fast-moving sector? 

  • How are policymakers and payment operators addressing the disparate set of frictions in cross border payments and how are innovations in payments facilitating improvements? 
  • What are the most impactful developments in the payments world at this time, and how can we take advantage of them? 
  • From open banking to open finance – how will this drive financial inclusion, innovation and consumer empowerment? 


Victoria Cleland, Executive Director Payments, Bank of England 

Marcel Haag, Director for Horizontal policies at the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission  

Henk Van Hulle, CEO, Open Banking 



Morning networking break 


Choose your session 


Track A – The evolving ecosystem 

Lead stream sponsor – Discover 

Track B – Transformative technologies 

Lead stream sponsor – Eqwire 

Deep dives 

Lead stream sponsor – IFX 


Stream Keynote – PLACEHOLDER – Third Time lucky?: What to expect with PSD3 


  • What were the shortfalls of PSD1 and 2? How should PSD3 improve on them? 
  • What will be the implications for the UK, outside of the European Union? 


TBA, Senior Representative, Discover 


Tags: Regulation, Open Banking 

Stream Keynote – PLACEHOLDER – Will crypto ever reach the mainstream? 


  • How are changes to regulations impacting adoption – are they helping or hindering use?  
  •  has the recession put crypto on the backseat? 


TBA, Senior Representative, Eqwire 


Tags: Digital Currencies & Crypto, Regulation 

Deep Dive – Cross-border and real time money movement – Can we ever go truly global? 


  • How are different international regulations impacting the development of cross-border instant payments? 
  • The pain points are well established – what is being done to solve them? 
  • What are the emerging opportunities with CBDCs for cross-border payments? 


Will Marwick, Chief Executive Officer, IFX 

Colin Digby, Global Head, Strategic Client Coverage Group, Crown Agents Bank 



Tags: Digital Currencies & Crypto, Regulation, Cross-Border 


Panel – The busy road ahead – balancing the drive of regulation and innovation 

  • What’s next in the regulation roadmap? What should we expect from upcoming updates like the New Financial Services Act 
  • Are upcoming regulation plans too congested? Where should we focus for better alignment for best outcomes and use of resource?  
  • How can we ensure all voices in the payments industry are heard in these discussions, creating a holistic approach to regulation? 
  • How can we ensure the UK maintains the balance of innovation and protections, compliance and leveraging new technologies? 


Andrew Churchill, Ambassador, The Payments Association 


Tags: Regulation  


Panel – Crypto beyond the rails  


  • How could traditional payments and crypto merge?  
  • What use cases are being developed beyond normal rails? How could crypto be used in verticals such as gaming? 
  • What are the cross-border possibilities? 


Moderator: Riccardo Tordera Ricchi, Head of Policy & Government Relations, The Payments Association 

Nick Davey, Payment Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator 

Dr Lisa Cameron, MP 

TBA, Senior Representative, BVNK 

Tim Heath, Founder and General Partner, Yolo Group and Yolo Investments 


Tags: Digital Currencies & Crypto, Cross-Border, Merchant Payments 




Presentation – PLACEHOLDER – APP Fraud and customer reimbursement – Will the new regulations from the PSR work? 


  • Or are the regulations a charter for fraudsters to take advantage of? 
  • Will the new regulations drive the industry to make changes that reduces fraud or instead, force companies to exit the UK market? 
  • Have we got the balance of responsibility right? Should some players like social media organisations take more accountability? 


Tags: Regulation, Merchant Payments 


Presentation – PLACEHOLDER – The robot revolution – How do we develop responsible AI? 


  • Could AI be a great leveller? How do we ensure it helps rather than hinders financial inclusion?  
  • How can organisations ensure they are building responsible AI practices and good data sets? 


Tags: Financial Inclusion, ESG, Technology & Data  

Deep Dive – In Conversation with the FCA 


Laura Dawes, Director of Authorisations, Financial Conduct Authority 


Tags: Regulation 


Panel – Stronger together: Collaboration as the key to fighting financial crime 


  • Is the regulator driven approach to financial crime working?  
  • How can data sharing help combat fraud and financial crime? 
  • Where should responsibility lie along the chain? Do some actors need to take more accountability?  


Moderator: Jane Jee, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Claire Simpson, Senior Policy Manger, Payment Systems Regulator 


Tags: Financial Crime, Technology & Data  

Panel – How will AI shape the future of payments? 


  • What are the real-life uses cases for generative AI and what has been achieved so far?  
  • How is the regulatory landscape changing? In the US restrictions are already in place – what will this do for European development?  
  • How will the further development of AI capabilities change the payments industry? 


Moderator: Mark Goldspink, Ambassador, The Payments Association 

Saira Khan, Head of Innovation & Partnerships, First Direct Bank 

Marcus Martinez, Industry Advisor, EMEA, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft 


Tags: Technology & Data, Regulation 


Day End 



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