19th - 20th March 2024
ExCeL, London


21st – 22nd March 2023   

Old Billingsgate, London   






Registration & Networking 







Welcome Remarks & Attendees Orientation   


Emma Banymandhub, Event Director, The Payments Association    

Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association 



Opening Address: State of the Nation 


Marion King, Chair, Open Banking  




Morning Keynote Address: The future of payments and a response to the cost-of-living crisis   


  • Evolving Payments Marketplace   
  • Response to the Cost-of-Living crisis    
  • The Regulatory Environment   
  • LBG Wider market payments approach   
  • The Future of Payments  


Louise Hueting, Head of Payments Product, Business and Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank 






Headline Partner: Harnessing the network- Embedding environmental sustainability in the payments ecosystem    


Jim Colvine, Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Solutions, Mastercard   






Keynote Panel Discussion: The recession is here: who will thrive?   


  • What lessons learnt in 2008 are informing business decisions in this recession?   
  • What new capabilities and revenue models will emerge?    
  • How are fewer, and more cautious, investments affecting innovation?   
  • How will the recession change customer preferences and behaviours?     


David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Kevin Chong, Co-Head, Outward 

Richard Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Allica Bank 

Srini Kasturi, Global Head of Digital and Platforms, Barclays 

Ryan Jackson, Account Director, Modulr

Angela Yore, Advisory Board Member, The Payments Association  







Keynote Panel Discussion: The regulation rabbit hole – what to expect in 2024 and beyond   


  • The pressure on Boards to take more responsibility as the FCA’s regulatory scrutiny rises   
  • The impacts of ISO 20022, the Financial Services and Markets Bill, Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, the Consumer Duty, as well as the new powers granted to the PSR   
  • The regulations for Big Tech – what are the real-world impacts?   
  • Protecting cash, cryptocurrencies and innovation – how to prepare for the regulation roadmap   


Samantha Emery, Payments Industry & Development Director, Lloyds Bank (moderator)  

Chris Hemsley, Managing Director, Payment Systems Regulator   

Kate Frankish, Chief Business Development Officer, Pay.UK   

Paul Roe, Head of Department, Market Interventions, Financial Conduct Authority    

Sara Castelhano, Managing Director, Head Payments and Commerce Solutions for Europe, Middle East and Africa, JP Morgan   

Simon Eacott, Head of Payments, NatWest  






Morning Networking Coffee Break 




Choose your sessions   

You can swap between tracks   




Track A- Open Banking  



Track B- Monetising Payments 


Track C- Merchant Innovation 







David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association  



Matteo Dessi, Ambassador, The Payments Association 






Mark McMurtrie, Ambassador, The Payments Association   






Presentation: Open Everything – how is open banking laying the foundations for an open future? 

  • What is the power of open data and how could consumers and
    businesses potentially transact
    in the future?
  • How is Pay by Bank approaching its
    tipping point? What does that mean
    for the future of payments?
  • What values should be core to new solutions if our collective goal is to improve the financial lives of individuals and businesses? 


Mark Nelsen, SVP, Payments & Platforms, Visa  

Tom Pope, SVP, Payments & Platforms, Tink  


Presentation: Lessons from Silicon Valley: reengineering the value of payments   

  • What do Amazon, WeChat and Apple have in common? 
  • How have payments newcomers unlocked the next level of payments’ value? 
  • How can the lessons of 20 years spent in the heart of innovation inform future payments advances? 
  • How will disrupting the status quo of financial services unlock the true potential of payments? 


Jim McCarthy, EVP of Product and Sales, Global Processing Services   


Presentation: Unlocking the potential of PSD2 and SCA  

  • Why businesses need to employ passive authentication in the face of the staggering growth of the digital economy?   
  • What identity means in the digital world- and why internal data is no longer enough to help verify digital identities.  
  • How do companies employ passive authentication with confidence?   


Dirk Mourik, Global Director of Enterprise Strategy, Ekata 




Panel Session: Monetising Open Banking   


  • How are banks and financial services offering new digital propositions to customers and mitigating legacy issues within banking?   
  • What are the best industry use cases for monetising Open Banking APIs?   
  • How will partnerships with fintechs and regtechs evolve?    


Andrew Churchill, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Stephen Wright, Head of Regulation and Standards, Bank of APIs, NatWest 

Dan Baker, EMEA Product Head of Payment Rails and Value Added Services, J.P.Morgan  

Helene Oger-Zaher, Manager, Payments Policy, Financial Conduct Authority 

Charles Damen, Chief Product Officer, Token 



Panel Session: Big Corporate/Tech and the ‘network effect’    


  • How will Big Tech transform payments and what value do they bring to consumers?   
  • Challenging the risks of an oligopoly – is the pro-competitive regulatory approach to Big Tech too soft?    
  • How can you remain competitive?   


Matteo Dessi, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Jason Maude, Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank   

Karen Kwok, Journalist, Thomas Reuters  





Presentation: A retailer’s perspective on SCA  


Oliver Steeley, Head of Payments, Bank and Services, Marks and Spencer 









Networking Lunch  




Panel Session: Five things to watch out for in merchant payments   


  • Know which technological innovations will have the most impact.   
  • Understand how physical and online payments are likely to change and the regulation governing them.    
  • Explore how customer expectations and experiences will change by 2030.    


Angela Yore, Advisory Board Member, The Payments Association (moderator) 

Diana Carrasco, Managing Director, Head of Merchant Solutions, Lloyds 

Mike Elliff, Chief Executive Officer, TYL by NatWest and Payit  

Tamerat Gebchara, Head of Sales, Tietoevry Banking 






Networking Lunch  


Presentation: Embedded Finance and Open Banking- A match made in heaven 


  • How these trends are transforming the market 
  • The benefits and risks for businesses, consumers and the supply side. 
  • How consumer payment habits are evolving and what needs to happen to drive accelerated adoption 


Brian Hanrahan, Chief Executive Officer, Nuapay (EML Payments Limited’s (ASX: EML) Open Banking business) 



Presentation: How to drive digital revolution in B2B payments  


A French neobank for high-growth companies and a cloud-native issuer processor partnered up for success – hear how a shared mindset between partners makes it easy to learn and grow together.  


Denise Johansson, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Enfuce  

Jean-Daniel Guyot, CEO and Co-Founder, Memo Bank 





Panel Session: Variable recurring payments v direct debits – what is the future?   


  • The most exciting use cases that map the road ahead   
  • How do we keep the momentum going on VRPs?   
  • What are the risks that need to be tackled?   
  • How do you educate your customer?   


David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Nicole Coates, Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator    

Alan Ainsworth, Policy & Strategy Director, Open Banking Implementation Entity   

Andrew Boyajian, Head of VRP, Tink  

Raffaele Brusco, Senior API Growth Manager, NatWest 






Fireside Chat: Good banking: Getting ESG right   

  • How is sustainable finance changing?    
  • Case studies: Banks adopting ESG-based strategies.   
  • How should you communicate your ESG achievements to your customers?    


Charles Radclyffe, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)  

Matt Bullivant, Director of ESG, OakNorth Bank 



Panel Session: Staying on the right side of buy now, pay later schemes    


  • The impact of incoming secondary legislation   
  • How do we protect our customers while giving them the choice on how to pay?   
  • Will save now, pay later (SNPL) take off in the same way?   
  • What other lending options are there?   


Alison Donnelly, Project Regulator Lead, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Amelia Isaacs, Reporter, AltFi  

Surash Patel, VP, EMEA, Telesign 











Panel Session: Battle of the rails   


  • Achieving interoperability to benefit from the globalisation of payment rails   
  • How to stay relevant in merchant services space.   
  • What is the impact of instant payments, real-time payments, the New Payments Architecture, request to pay, the RTGS roadmap, and IS0 20022?  

Mike Chambers, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Kate Fitzgerald, Head of Policy, Payment Systems Regulator 

Anu Widyalankara, Director, Payments Strategy & Technology, EY 

Guy Moons, Head of International Solution Consultant’s, Europe, FIS Global 





Afternoon Networking Coffee Break   




Fireside Chat: Open Finance – what is the impact of the new proposal?   


  • What can we expect and to what extent will this help progress towards Open Finance?   


Helen Child, Founder, Open Banking Excellence (moderator)  
Matt Cox, Director of Digital Payments and Cards, Nationwide 

Steven Bisoffi, Technical Specialist Payments, Payment Systems Regulator 







Panel Session: Banking as a service 

  • Understand how BaaS is changing.  
  • How are players adapting?
  • What value does BaaS bring?
  • Who owns the customer? 


Teresa Connors, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)  

Paul Staples, Head of Banking as a Service and Embedded Finance, Vodneo 

Rebecca Smith, Chief Legal Officer, Global PMI Partners 



Panel Session: The future of lending   


  • How are banks changing digital lending?    
  • What does the future hold for alternative lending?    
  • How can lending become more inclusive?   


Mark McMurtrie, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator) 

Rahul Duseja, Director of Credit, Cashplus Bank 

Susana Froment, Global Head of Financial and Credit Risk, Tide 

Lawrence Bennett, Head of Financial Services, Ebay 

Wasim Mushtaq, Former Transformation Lead, Standard Chartered Bank





Panel Session: Unlocking account-to-account retail payments    


  • How will this impact open banking?   
  • Will A2ART become the new third network?   
  • How will regulation evolve?   


David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)    
Paul Horlock, Chief Payments Officer, Santander Bank 

Andrew Self, Senior Policy Manager, Payment Systems Regulator 

Elizabeth Lumley, Deputy Editor, Financial Times 



Panel Session: Should cashless retail be illegal?   


  • Should regulators step in to prevent retailers declining cash payments?   
  • What is the real impact of a cashless society?    


Matteo Dessi, Ambassador, The Payments Association 


Vikki Brownridge, Director of Operations, Stepchange  

Natalie Ceeney, Chair, Access to Cash 

Lord Chris Holmes, MP 




Track Ends 


Closing Remarks   





Closing Remarks   



Closing Remarks   







End of Conference and Networking Drinks 







21st – 22nd March 2023   

Old Billingsgate, London   





Registration & Networking 







Welcome Remarks & Attendees Orientation   


Emma Banymandhub, Event Director, The Payments Association    



Chair’s Welcome 


Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association 





Keynote Panel Discussion: Crystal ball predictions    

  • Hear from the payment sector’s best ‘fortune tellers’ about the key themes that will drive industry over the next 12 months.   
  • What does the future of digital financial services hold?   
  • What is expected over the next five years?   


Dave Birch, Co-founder, Consult Hyperion (moderator)   

Victoria Cleland, Executive Director of Payments, Bank of England   

Tony McLaughlin, Emerging Payments, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions  

Adam Gagen, Global Head of Government Affairs, Revolut 

Robert Oxley, Vice President, Product Development, Mastercard 

Stephen Grainger, CEO, Americas & UK Region, Swift 






Fireside Chat: All aboard the metaverse   

  • Get ready to unlock the potential of metaverse and cross-platform payments   
  • How will digital currencies and super-apps be positioned in the metaverse?   
  • A new wave of financial crime – what does this mean in the real world?   
  • How will FX and cross-platform payments work in the metaverse?   


Dave Birch, Co-founder, Consult Hyperion (moderator)   

Jehangir Byramji, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Lloyds    





Keynote Panel Discussion: Emerging financial crime risks: Beyond 2023   


  • Where are the key vulnerabilities in the digital asset ecosystem?    
  • What new approaches and technologies are available to financial institutions to combat financial crime?   
  • How can we develop a stronger network across the industry?   
  • Dealing with disputes across borders   


Ruth Wandhofer, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator) 

Zarina Karodia, Global Head of FCC SIB, Santander 

Nick Davey, Payment Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator 

Alan Nagle, Chief Executive Officer, KYP 

Jenni Himberg-Wild, Head of Fintech & Non-Bank PSPs, Barclays 







Morning Networking Break 




Fintech’s Pitch Live – The Final Showdown   


A session that connects the most ambitious fintech companies with leading VCs and senior executives in the payments industry. Join the session to hear from and vote on the three finalists pitching their innovations set to disrupt the payments industry. Who do you think deserves to win the title of Fintech of the Year?   



David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Benjamin Dessy, Senior Vice President, Fintech Engagement, Mastercard 

Kosta Du, Founder and CEO, Dapio 

Joanna Wands, Head of UK and Europe, AsiaVerify 

Kellyann Ripnar, COO & Co-Founder, FinCrime Dynamics 





Panel Session: Can the UK remain the fintech centre of Europe?   

  • Where is the smart money investing in fintech?   
  • What are the trends in funding and which areas are seeing the biggest levels of investment?   
  • How can companies innovate or enter the market with less investment opportunities?   
  • What does the UK need to do to remain attractive and competitive?    


David Parker, Lead Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Charlotte Crosswell, Chair, Centre for Finance, Innovation and Technology  

Sanchit Dhote, Investment Manager, Outward 

Ravi Bhalla, Head of Department – Innovation, Data & Technology, Financial Conduct Authority  




Announcement of Fintech Pitch Live Winner   







Networking Lunch  





Choose your sessions   

You can swap between tracks   



Track A- Digital Currencies   

Track B- Big Data   

Track C –Alternative Payments 



David Carr, Ambassador, The Payments Association    



Alison McDowell, Co-founder and Director, Beruku   



Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association    




Panel Session: Moving from theory to reality – how will CBDCs and stablecoins work in practice?   


  • What are the barriers to the mass rollout of digital currencies?   
  • What are the various business models and use-cases for digital currencies?   
  • What is going to be the catalyst to change consumer behaviour?   


Tony Quirke, Chief Executive Officer, The Payments Practice (moderator)  

Lee McNabb, Head of Payment Strategy and Research, NatWest   

William Lovell, Head of Future Technology, Bank of England   

Basak Toprak, Executive Director, EMEA Head of Coin Systems, Onyx by JP.Morgan 

Stuart Davis, Partner, Latham & Watkins  

Lee Walker, Global Head of Extended Client Propositions, Barclays 

Fireside Chat: What should a seamless customer journey look like by 2030?   


  • How will consumer trends, behaviours, engagement and journeys evolve?   
  • What are the best strategies for success?   


Jan van Vonno, Project Open Banking Lead, The Payments Association (moderator)  

Ove Kreison, Co-founder & CTO, Tuum   

Aitor Ortiz, Managing Director, PYMNTS Intelligence 

Presentation: The evolution of payment acceptance  



  • What are the new themes driving the redefinition of the acceptance value chain? 
  • Will the rise of new players and business models and also the horizontal and vertical diversification of the value chain have a lasting impact? 
  • How are traditional acceptance relationships are being rearranged? 
  • Are software providers from a vertical angle and e-commerce marketplace from a more horizontal angle gaining traction in payment acceptance? 


Andreas Habersetzer, EMEIA Payments Leader, EY  






Presentation: It’s time to standardise payments data

Aaron Holmes, CEO & Co-Founder, Kani Payments   




Panel Session: The roadmap of alternative payments   


  • Where do alternative payments fit into the future of digital payment methods?   
  • Will the future be dominated by tokenisation, biometrics, the metaverse or something else?   


Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Steve Robson, Treasure and Trade Solutions, Citi   

Megan Coulson, Principal Policy Adviser, Confederation of British Industry  
























Panel Session: Determining effective regulation for digital currencies    


  • Should crypto’s be regulated as high-risk securities?   
  • Can CBDC’s and stablecoins eliminate some of the risks associated with the wide scale adoption of digital currency?   
  • What might the unintended consequences be of digital currencies in the UK and their impact on data and customer privacy?    
  • Should the payment system rely on a trusted central authority such as the central bank?   


Jannah Patchay, Policy Lead, Digital Pound Foundation (moderator)  

Blair Halliday, UK Managing Director, Kraken    

Ijeoma Okoli, Founding Member, Impact X Capital Partners, former Executive Director and Digital Currency Risk Management Lead, JP Morgan 

Jane Moore, Head of Department, Payments and Digital Assets, Financial Conduct Authority 

Dima Kats, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Junction 

Nicole Sandler, Head of Digital Policy, Barclays 



Presentation: The Power of payment data   


  • How can enriched payment data better serve customer needs in the future?   
  • How can data help create tangible value through next level CX?   


Laurence Booth, Chief Data Officer, Trust Payments   




Interview: Taking a quantum leap in payments    


  • What are the implications of emerging technologies for payments?   
  • Learn about the practical applications of this and how financial services can scale these capabilities?  



Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Robert White, Head of Payment Services, Santander 





 Track Ends 


Fireside Chat: Digital IDs – the new battle ground for the consumer   


  • How can banks adapt to the new reality of the digital era while maintaining cost efficiency?   
  • How can you optimise the digital onboarding process?    
  • What are the cutting-edge technologies for digital identity and digital onboarding?    
  • How can you integrate digital ID into legacy infrastructure?     


Alison McDowell, Co-founder and Director, Beruku (moderator) 

Lui Zurawski, Strategist Retail Payments and Data, Gen Digital  

Harry Weber-Brown, Chief Executive Officer, TISA Digital 




Afternoon Networking Break   





 Fireside chat: The currency of the future   


  • Will programmable, digital money deliver in the way that Open Banking revolutionised the payments landscape?    
  • Is digital currency wealth creating or wealth destroying?   
  • What impact will this have on banks and the revenue which will be generated via value added services?    


Robert Courtneidge, Syndicate Director, The Payments Association (moderator)  

Julian Sawyer, ex Chief Executive Officer Bitstamp and Chief Operating Officer, Starling Bank    

Kirit Bhatia, Head of Business Development, International, Ripple 




 Panel Session: The megatrends in cross-border payments   


  • What are the priorities for cross-border payments transformation in the next five years?   
  • Can multilateral platforms alleviate the friction in cross-border payments?    
  • How can structured data be best utilised and commercialised, post ISO 20022?    


Nilixa Devlukia, Independent Regulatory Consultant, Payments Solved, Member of the Digital Euro Market Advisory Group (moderator)  

David Morris, Chief Technology Officer, Pay.UK 

Gaurav Gaur, Head of Commercial Payment Products, NatWest 

Kevin McAdam, Project Cross Border Lead, The Payments Association 






Closing remarks    


Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association    






Event end – Thank you for attending and see you next year! 


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