The below is the agenda for PAY360 2023, the agenda for PAY360 2024 will be announced shortly.

Start time 

Show Floor Theatre – Day One [2023]



Interview: Accessibility is Queen 

  • How do we ensure the payment system is inclusive to all?  
  • Where is the payments sector failing to be truly accessible and what are the opportunities to address it?    

Jessica Richards,
Head of Market Development, Payments, NatWest 

Josh Berle, Business Development Director, Mastercard, and Project Inclusion Lead, The Payments Association (moderator)  


Meet the speakers 

Our expert speakers from across the agenda will be making themselves available for more in-depth questions – don’t miss your opportunity to ask yours! 


Discussion: Cash v Cashless 

  • Retailers want to create quick and seamless customer payments experiences. Why is cash seen as a barrier to this?  
  • Should ‘cashless stores’ be banned?  
  • What is the industry view of the and What support is required in the wholesale cash infrastructure?  
  • How can government, regulators and financial services work together to keep cash viable?   

James Daley, Managing Director, Fairer Finance 

Ron Delnevo, Chair, Payment Choice Alliance (moderator) 


Mini-Panel: Minimising payments complexity and fees for merchants and customers 

  •  How has the complexity changed over the last few years? 
  • How are merchants keeping up with the ever-expanding list of payment options? 
  • Which factors are stronger in selecting payment options – push or pull? 

Yatin Vadhia,
Head of Product, Payments, EE 

Jan van Vonno, Open Banking Project Lead, The Payments Association (moderator)  


Fireside Chat: Accelerating biometrics in payments 

  • What is the full potential of biometrics in payments?  
  • The risks posed by biometrics – misuse and abuse of sensitive data.  

Julian White,
Co-Founder, Beruku 

Anjana Haines, Head of Content, The Payments Association  


Deep Dive: Why are successful fintechs leaving their BaaS to build with Tier 1 banks 

  • How BaaS helped launch Europe’s most successful fintech companies 
  • When growing fintech companies reach BaaS’ limits 
  • Building with Tier 1 banks 

Édouard Mandon,
Co-founder and CEO, Numeral  


Interview: Opportunities in International CBDCs  

  • What is the state of play in interoperability? 
  • How could a more collaborative approach be implemented?  

Nick Kerigan,
Managing Director, Head of Innovation, Swift 

Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera, Partner, MK Fintech Partners (moderator) 


Fireside Chat: Project Financial Crime: The Role of Data Sharing and Collaboration 

  • A sneak peak at the results from an upcoming Project Financial Crime whitepaper, in partnership with Form3 
  • What role does data sharing and collaboration have in battling financial crime?  
  • What is the current state of play and how could the industry collaborate further? 

Nick Fleetwood,
Head of Product – Data Services, Form3 

Andrew Churchill, Ambassador, The Payments Association (moderator)   

Jonathan Williams, Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator 


Deep Dive: Driving revenue growth: lessons from the world’s leading payment companies  

  • How do they continue to drive strong revenue growth? 
  • How do they think about their overall approach to monetization? 
  • How do they leverage differences in price sensitivity of different customer/merchants? 
  • How do they enable their salesforce to execute on the vision? 

Abhimanyu Julaniya,
Senior Director, Simon-Kucher Partners 

Jon Causier, Partner and Head of Financial Services, Simon-Kucher Partners 


Deep Dive: What the data says: How business payments are the key to overcoming UK economic uncertainty 

  • Understanding the relationship between sentiment and business payments 
  • How to achieve “better than satisfied” across the payments ecosystem 
  • Get the insights on Partnerships or Products? What do businesses really want? 

Joseph Sharangparni,
Head of Insights – Business Payments, RFI Global 


Meet the speakers 

Our expert speakers from across the agenda will be making themselves available for more in depth questions – don’t miss your opportunity to ask yours!


Show Floor Theatre – Day Two 


Interview: An Audience with Lord Chris Holmes: Inside the first 72 hours of SVB  

Join Lord Chris Holmes and Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association for a discussion on reacting decisively in times of crisis, and the potential for a more accessible and inclusive Financial Services. 

Lord Chris Holmes, MBE 

Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association    


Discussion: Sustainable DE&I: Why Belonging is Key 

  • How to take D&I initiatives to the next level through driving belonging 
  • Practical examples to support underrepresented employees in the workplace 
  • What more can organisations do to have real impact and move the dial? 

Joanne Dewar, Project ESG, The Payments Association (moderator) 

Kris Foster, Junior Office and Engagement Assistant, GPS 

Annette Evans, People Consultant UKI & CEE, Google 


Discussion: Project Cross Border: Challenge and Opportunities for 2023  

  • How to improve corridors where high risk impacts development of transactions? 
  • How has Brexit changed the cross-border payments landscape within Europe and what are the options? 
  • What steps can be taken to reduce the costs of FX as part of the overall proposition? 

Kevin McAdam
, Project Cross Border Lead, The Payments Association  

Leon Isaacs, Chief Executive Officer, DMA Global  


Meet the speakers 

Our expert speakers from across the agenda will be making themselves available for more in depth questions – don’t miss your opportunity to ask yours! 


Discussion: Project Regulator: Consumer Duty  

  • What are the key issues for payments firms with how expectations are developing? 
  • What is the cost and wider impact associated and how will it affect competition? 
  • How are firms fairing with ever-evolving compliance requirements? 

Alison Donnelly,
Project Regulator Lead, The Payments Association 

Nilixa Devlukia, Independent Regulatory Consultant, Payments Solved  


Discussion: What’s next for faster payments?  

  • What could we expect to see changing across 2023? 
  • What are the possibilities and opportunities for more robust data exchange? 

David Heron,
Head of Standards, Pay.UK 

Alistair Milne, Professor of Financial Economics, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University (moderator) 

Simon Lyons, Chief Strategic Officer, Obconnect

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