Will Marwick

Chief Executive Officer

Will Marwick is the Chief Executive Officer at IFX Payments responsible for the company’s wider strategic initiatives and managing key stakeholders across the group as well as identifying new projects and potential growth opportunities. Following Will’s appointment to CEO, IFX has boomed into one of the UK’s fastest growing payments fintechs powering over £15 billion of payments volume and £5 billion of FX volume a year for businesses worldwide which resulted in IFX being featured in TechRound’s Fintech 50 in 2023. As part of his role, Will is determined to debunk the traditional structures of the FX and payments industry and position IFX as a well-established model for industry best practice. As a self-proclaimed ‘fintech enthusiast’, Will has a laser eye focus on nurturing a culture of innovation and transparency within IFX, and paving the way for a customer focused and well governed fintech industry.

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