Sriram Chatty

Vice President & Global Head of Payments

With 25+ years of experience, Sriram excels in business consulting, innovation, and leadership. As Global Head of Payments, he spearheads transformative initiatives worldwide, collaborating with central banks and regulators. His expertise includes architecting and building critical market infrastructures such as Payment Market Infrastructures (India:RTGS, Faster Payments (NEFT) and NACH, South Africa-PayShap), Stock exchanges (India – BSE, NSE) and depositories (India-NCSD, CDSL, CCIL). Sriram’s contributions extend to architecting TCS India Stack solutions, leveraging Digital India stack for industry digitisation. With master’s in technology from IIT Delhi and bachelor’s from Bangalore University, Sriram consistently demonstrates his prowess in driving research, digital transformation and fostering high-performance teams to deliver impactful outcomes at scale.

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