Sina Yamani


Having had a passion for technology since a young age, Sina left Cardiff university in 2017 to pursue his dream of building his own Fintech business. After building experience working as a Technical Consultant for various payment and technology firms, he then made moves to form his own company feeling that there was a huge opportunity for the hospitality industry to modernise and improve operation through the latest technology. Spring forward to July 2020, Yoello has launched its first product mid-pandemic: a contactless mobile ordering solution for hospitality businesses to reopen safely during Covid-19 whilst being able to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

The multi-award winning mobile ordering platform is now used by thousands of high street restaurants and hospitality venues, including Burger King, Subway, and Chopstix allowing them to serve their customers securely, efficiently and rapidly. Yoello worked closely with partners to innovate areas of the hospitality industry with projects such as the Cardiff Castle Quarter Cafe and Warrington Market.

Within less than 12 months, Sina has grown his team of 4 to a company with over 40 employees. Yoello has started making moves this year to expand internationally and is now trading in a number of countries including Australia and the USA. In the coming months, the company is set to launch its own open banking payment gateway having secured FCA authorisation in 2020 – with this capability, businesses will save thousands of dollars/pounds each year on transaction fees.

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