Natasha Zurnamer

CEO & Co-Founder

Natasha Zurnamer is a distinguished entrepreneur with extensive experience in retail, focusing on digital strategies and technological advancements. In 2020, she founded Optty, a groundbreaking project that integrates 9 payment architectures and complimentary services in a single simplified APM, a first in the world for Buy Now Pay Later, Digital Wallets, account 2 account and Cryptocurrencies. This innovation has enabled fast, under-one-minute activation of over 120 payment brands, revolutionizing the payments industry. Optty partners with the global leading brands in payments, operating across over 140 countries and six continents. As Optty’s Global CEO and Founder, Natasha leads the strategic direction with her experienced retail and technology lense. Additionally, she holds advisory roles and contributes to the Forbes Business Council, leveraging her expertise in ecommerce, logistics, payments, and technology.

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