Chris McKarkiel

Director of Global Payments and Fraud Prevention

Chris McKarkiel is the Director of Global Payments and Fraud Prevention for Payments at Subway. He leads the teams responsible for:

  • Global Payments strategy and operations
  • Global Fraud prevention

He has extensive experience working on payments topics with banks, core payments providers (schemes, acquirers, PSPs), and non-banks (regulators, merchants, fintechs). He is responsible for;

  • The operation and strategic development of the merchant’s payment systems.
  • Providing analysis and market intelligence to manage Cross-Border Payments, B2B Payments, B2C Payments, Payment Automation, Payment Hubs, Payments-as-a-Service, Real-Time Payments, and fraud prevention strategies.


Chris has held several senior positions in a range key strategic areas for Burberry, Gemalto, Disney and Playtech. Most recent have included Global Payments Director for Burberry developing and innovating their global payments strategy.

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